WordPress Security

WordPress Security

We have been watching the steep rise in hacking attacks on UK websites with increasing concern, and as a result have already installed the maximum enhanced free security measures we can on all the websites we manage. However, the free software cannot provide complete protection and we feel that adding a paid for security service will minimise your exposure to the high levels of cyber crime risk. The main purpose of the hackers is to install malicious software that uses the hacked site’s domain name to send out enormous quantities of spam for:

  • Advertising, usually for fake drugs or porn
  • To spread, both for advertising and for malware and aggressive virus attacks.

WordPress security is a current issue, and we always recommend the use of a premium security service on client sites. While we cannot guarantee to completely eradicate the dangers, we believe this will greatly reduce the risk of a successful attack on websites and the subsequent damage it can cause to a client’s company’s reputation by:

  • Providing continuous rather than weekly scans of all your files, looking for known code injections and malware in files, databases, posts and files
  • Identifying file changes immediately and providing the support required to repair and remove infected files
  • Detailed checks on whether your site has been flagged as a source of spam or malware as well as protection against future infections through alerts to spam generating scripts
  • A twin factor authentication option, stopping brute force attacks permanently by adding a login step using your mobile phone – this is used by banks and military worldwide.
  • Many of the attacks originate in specific countries, and the premium security product offers us a Country Blocking feature, designed to stop a brute force attack in its tracks in less than a second, blocking access to your website and any login areas from known risk areas.

The premium security service is priced at £105 + vat per annum per site.