Website Security

Website Security

Website Security is not a topic for the fainthearted.

Even if your website is not integrated with your business systems, making sure your site can’t be hacked is important for your branding.

We’ve been watching the rise in hacking attacks on UK websites with increasing concern and have already installed the maximum enhanced free security measures on the sites we manage. However, the free software cannot provide full protection and along with many other web design companies, we feel that adding a paid for security service minimises our clients’ exposure to the high levels of cyber-crime risk.

The main purpose of the hackers is to install malicious software that uses the hacked site’s domain name to send out enormous quantities of spam. You see them every day in your inbox – usually:

  • ‘Spamvertising’, advertising spam for fake drugs or porn, often disguised as invoices or statements
  • To spread malware designed to capture financial details and aggressive virus attacks.

You know we always like to keep our costs as low as possible. However, after detailed research into the options, we recommend that clients consent to us adding a premium security service to your site. While we can’t guarantee to completely eradicate the dangers, we believe this will greatly reduce the risk of a successful attack on your site and the subsequent damage it can cause to your company’s reputation by:

  • Providing continuous scans of all your files, looking for known code injections and malware in all files
  • Identifying file changes immediately and providing support to repair and remove infected files
  • Detailed checks on whether your site has been flagged as a source of spam or malware as well as protection against future infections through alerts to spam generating scripts
  • A twin factor authentication option, stopping brute force attacks permanently by adding a login step using your mobile phone – this is used by banks and military worldwide
  • Many attacks originate in specific countries; the premium security gives us a country blocking tool, designed to stop a brute force attack from known risk areas in under a second

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