Using Content Marketing To Draw In Customers

More and more SME’s are finding content marketing is helping them to draw in customers without having to actively sell to them.

So what is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is any material you put on your website that isn’t overtly promotional. It can include blogs about a service or product (or application) as well as audio, video or social media feeds.

This form of marketing does two things at once – it stimulates interest AND it tells the search engines in more detail what your business is all about, creating doorways to your website.

And it works. Online photo print company Photobox increased revenues by 50% over their first three weeks!

There are a range of ways to work out what to blog about, not least by asking existing customers what they might type into Google when looking for a product or service like yours!

And there are a number of tools you can use to measure the success of your content marketing programme:

  • Site and page hits via analytics
  • Phone calls and emails indicating interest in the product or service you’ve been adding content around
  • Conversions to sales, again using the conversion tools on Google Analytics

If you would like to talk to someone about affordable ways to get your business going with this highly effective form of marketing, just call us on 01832 226421.