Using bought-in databases

Using bought-in databases

We often get asked about the pro’s and con’s of using bought-in databases.

Good practise is surprisingly simple.

Understanding that bought-in databases go out of date at the rate of over 20% every year (roughly the same for B2B and B2C) tells you only to buy data in manageable chunks.

The best databases are rented not bought, and you can also add alerts to let you know whether any contacts have opted out of mail or telephone contacts for the duration of your licence.

Yes, you can rent data in small chunks. As small as 1 record. No penalties.

And don’t forget to follow advice from the Information Commissioner’s office about storing and using bought-in databases:

You can use bought-in lists to make live marketing calls, but you should screen against both the TPS and your own ‘do-not-call’ list of people who have previously objected to or opted out of your calls.

You must be very careful before using bought-in lists for recorded calls, texts or emails. You can only use them if all the people on the list specifically consented to receive that type of message from you. Generic consent covering any third party is unlikely to be enough.

If you are using bought-in B2B fax lists, you must screen against both the FPS and your own ‘do-not-fax’ list of people who have previously objected to or opted out of your faxes. You may only fax individuals (including sole traders and some partnerships) if they have specifically consented to receiving faxes from you.

You must make checks to satisfy yourself that any list is accurate and the details were collected fairly, and that the consent is specific and recent enough to cover your marketing.

Remember, if you are using data for marketing purposes, you must register with the Information Commissioner’s Office – click here to sign up.

For more advice about choosing, sourcing and using rented databases, please call The Marketing Team on 01832 226421.