Social Media Myths and magic

Social media has undoubtedly and dramatically changed all our lives. Whether we choose to participate or not, the world around us is a different place since Facebook first appeared 13 years ago.

And the impact has been just as dramatic in the business world as in our private lives.

We are often asked what someone should ‘do’ about social media for their business.

Social media myths and magic

Perhaps surprisingly for a marketing company, our answer is not an automatic ‘yes’ to social media. In fact we think there’s quite a few social media myths around which are encouraging companies to spend money on something that simply won’t work for them.

From our perspective, good marketing is all about getting the right messages about your products to the right people at the right time. So it’s a myth that you absolutely have to have a social media presence.

Our approach is always to look at where a company’s audience is looking for information, influence and advice when buying a product or service like yours.

If they’re active on social media, which ones are they using, and for which purpose? The answer to this question will tell you where you need a presence.

One of the biggest social media myths is that you have to be on social media for your business to survive. You don’t, not if your target audience aren’t there.

So the beauty aesthetics clinic whose well heeled clientele wouldn’t darken the doors of Facebook isn’t there. And continues to expend its profitability.

The legal firm offering b2b services doesn’t bother with Facebook, but can be seen on LinkedIn.

The list goes on. And yes, it may well be that you can benefit from social media in your business, but do be thoughtful in your choices. Or ask advice from an independent expert. We don’t offer social media services directly, so can offer a sensible perspective on whether it would assist your marketing efforts or not. Call us on 01832 226421 for an initial chat.