Smarter Marketing

Smarter Marketing is all about bringing together the different strands of activity in your business to ensure they are all getting the right message to the right target audience. Used well, it can yield amazing results – sales uplifts into double figures!

In many SME’s, the Marketing function has grown organically, with owners and managers bolting on additional strands as a need arises. Only rarely does a smaller business have time to review all activities undertaken in the name of Marketing.

Smarter Marketing – More Effective Business

In most businesses, marketing is actually everywhere. However, such activities are not always recognised as such. For example the following activities can all make a difference to your prospect conversion and customer retention rates:

  • How the telephone is answered, by whom and how messages are handled.
  • The way in which your customer facing staff are dressed.
  • How inbound sales enquiries are responded to.
  • The look and feel of your invoices as well as how your credit control team work.
  • Methods used to stay in touch with existing customers.

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