Sustainable Competitive Advantage



That’s what it’s all about. And if you don’t measure the results of your marketing, you really are no wiser when it comes to knowing which activities are earning and which are wasting money.


One of our key areas of focus is to ensure that our clients have the means to measure the results of every marketing activity they undertake.


With this toolbox to hand, they have the power to make effective decisions about how to spend future marketing budget – and they always will have. Although this is a very logical approach, it is not commonly use, especially among SME’s and the smaller end of the business sector.

So that’s how we transform a marketing strategy into sustainable competitive advantage. Why not talk to us about giving your business the edge?

We use a number of tools to measure marketing activities


We work with you and your management team to make sure that the source of all revenue is easy to record and identify. Understanding the profitability of different products or services when sold or delivered using different channels is also key to a sustainable marketing programme.


It is always critical that your teams understand the importance of recording the source of new opportunities, so sometimes staff training elements are required.


And of course, within every campaign, markers are needed to let the client know what exactly has triggered a response.


External measures are also extremely useful drivers. To an extent it’s no good measuring your growth in an expanding market – you should also be looking at the impact of your marketing on your market share.