Print vs Digital survey

The Print vs Digital debate rages on; the results of a UK consumer survey add fuel to the fire!

It’s been our feeling for quite a while that print is starting to outperform digital in newsletter type activities – and this just backs it up.

500 UK consumers  and 1000 US consumers were surveyed on the issues around paper vs digital media. Interesting results – of those asked:

  • 84% believe they understand, retain or use information better when they read it from paper rather than from a screen.
  • Only 31% believe smartphones are useful for imparting important information
  • 79% are most relaxed when reading print on paper
  • 83% state a clear preference for reading print on paper.

At The Marketing Team, we’ve been watching the print vs digital debate. We’ve also been measuring what works best in the real world – as we always do. As a result, believe that while digital media is a really useful tool in the marketing mix, it should always be considered alongside all other media – including traditional. This will ensure the most effective use of marketing budget.

In fact, the balance is starting to shift back in favour of paper. Print, sent through the post, is more likely to get a good result these days than email marketing sent to people’s inboxes. We all hate spam right?

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The survey was commissioned by Two Sides and undertaken by international research agency Toluna.