Practical Marketing Support

I asked my husband this morning what he thought I should blog about this week. Being a corporate man, and currently frustrated by an internal communication process, he suggested “Corporate B*ll*x”!

My first instinct was to ignore his advice, but actually, this does apply to what we do at The Marketing Team as well as how we do it.

While yes, technically we are a full service marketing agency, complete with specialist web design arm, we don’t act like a full service marketing agency in terms of how we work.

To The Marketing Team, every customer is important, and we go out of our way to speak their language rather than ours. This ensures that our clients really understand what they’re getting rather than being blinded with marketing jargon.

It also means our charges are realistic, based on actual costs plus transparent management charges. Quotes are clear and simple and we stick to them unless the scope of work changes significantly, in which case that’s a discussion we have before we incur costs on the client’s behalf.

So, no “Corporate B*ll*x”, just clear and simple advice, affordable fees and practical hands-on support – we’re never afraid to roll our hands up and get stuck in if the occasion requires!

So if you’re looking for practical marketing support, why not give us a call on 01832 226421.