Marketing Packages

Retained Marketing Support


We offer marketing support on a retained basis where clients require longer term marketing strategy and implementation support.


Our retainer packages start at 1/2 day a month (typically encompassing a monthly meeting to review activities, backed by a weekly call) to up to 5 days per month.

Project Work


As well as our retained marketing packages, we also provide marketing support for specific ad-hoc projects.


This is useful where you have a marketing project in mind but need help to deliver it, or where you have a temporary staff shortage in your Marketing department.

Three Reasons to consider using The Marketing Team


Buying in the marketing support you need to grow your business is a great decision because:

In an ideal world, you’d probably employ a specialist on your staff to help you design and implement a marketing and web strategy for your business. However, the reality for most SME’s – especially in today’s climate – is simply that you need to keep your overheads low to stay flexible and keep your competitive edge.


So think of us as an outsourced marketing support department – part of your team whenever you need us, but not an overhead when you don’t.

If your alternative is to employ someone full time, you may want to consider whether you can afford a full time employee with the same level of experience and skill that we can bring into your business.


Choosing The Marketing Team gives you access to our senior commercial and start-up experience gained within UK plc, our network of established and reliable partners and often costs far less than you would pay for someone with a couple of years under their belt.

One of the biggest benefits of bringing in The Marketing Team to help you develop your business is that we bring a fresh perspective on how to take your organisation forward.


We bring fresh knowledge, ideas and expertise from different markets.


It’s our job to be able to offer cutting edge skills and expertise to help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Every day. No pension requirements, no HR issues, just effective support.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help your business grow, it’s time to get in touch.