Outsourced Marketing Support

Outsourced marketing support is not for everyone. But can make a massive difference to companies not large enough to justify the cost of a full time marketing person in-house.

At The Marketing Team, our outsourced marketing support is flexible and very affordable. Out team is highly experienced, and can access trade rates for other services you might need including Print and Graphic Design. This means you can get exactly the right amount of support that you need to help you grow your company. For example:

  • The fitted kitchen company in Hertfordshire, for which we manageĀ the advertising programme and three annual direct mail campaigns they use to generate awareness and drive traffic into their showrooms. This is supported by the website we developed and continue to manage for them.
  • The timber products manufacturer which has one of our website – and for which we provide ongoing marketing process and campaign support.
  • The global homewares business, with which we work to develop database marketing and effective marketing process design and implementation.
  • The national charity for which we manage and report on traffic to their website.

If you would like to talk to The Marketing Team about our outsourced marketing services, completely free and without obligation, just call us on 01832 226421.