Organisational values

Understanding your organisational values is a key component of marketing – not just for the obvious factors like core messages.

While your benefits statements might talk about what you do and how that benefits customers, your organisation’s values are about how you do what you do.

Organisational values

And yes of course, it’s important that these messages form part of your core marketing messages, but the organisational values must also form part of every process.

So how does that work? Take this example:

A manufacturing company aspires to be seen as the best in its sector. It’s core messages are about the product they make and the service they provide.

“Our widgets are of exceptional quality and we offer exceptional service to go with it.”

That’s a big promise. But the next trick is to actually deliver. Not just an excellent product – that’s down to the operations director. The real trick is to make sure every step of the customer journey lives up to that ‘exceptional service’ pledge.

The devil is in the detail. Every single step, from how quickly an enquiry is acknowledged, through the quotation process, order acknowledgement, setting and meeting delivery expectations – right through to making sure the customer is happy with their purchase.

So it’s not just the Marketing department (or individual) who’s responsible for organisational values, it’s everyone in the business. All your employees, whether customer facing or not, need a shared understanding of your values and how they apply to their step in the sales process!

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