Offline Marketing


There are very businesses that do not need offline marketing activities in their marketing mix – the key is to ensure your marketing strategy gets the right balance to attract your particular target audience.


As part of our service, we are able to develop and deliver the full offline marketing mix from print to advertising, outdoor posters and radio.


Integration of offline and online activity is no longer an option but a necessity, and The Marketing Team can deliver on both.

Targeting & Profiling


The more carefully targeted your marketing activities, the better the return your business will see from them.


Developing a profile for your target customer base is worth investing time and resource into – as well as research which messages are more likely to work for different segments of your audience. 


Combined, these activities will vastly improve your marketing results.



Most business will require some form of sales and marketing materials – tools to use to help raise awareness of your business and to help you convert opportunities into cash in the bank.


Anything from business cards to leaflets, postcards, video, radio ads, booklets and promotional items – your business will always benefit from planning the development of collateral in the context of your marketing strategy.

News & Direct Mail


Odd though it may sound in the digital age, hard copy print and post is once again beating digital communications in return on investment – hands down! Where digital technologies can assist is in personalisation of targeted materials.


Nothing beats a piece of paper in someone’s hand or on their desk – if it’s well planned, they WILL SEE your logo and key message even if they don’t at first respond.

Ads & Networking


As consumers have become more sophisticated, so developing an understanding of which publications are read and trusted by your audience is vital.


Likewise, choosing the right networking groups and spaces can make a difference.


Get it wrong, and you will waste a lot of resource on people who will never buy from you, but get it right, and you hit the sweet spot of a ready made customer base!

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