Niche Marketing – one size doesn’t fit all!

One of the secrets of successful marketing is that niche marketing works best. The more targeted your message, media and materials are to the needs of a specific audience, the more effective you will be.

So how does that work? OK, as a business owner, your biggest asset is your database. But when you look in detail at your database, you will almost certainly agree that not all customers are the same.

Some spend more, some spend less. Some require hand holding, others not. Some buy expensive products, others choose from the cheaper end of the spectrum. Some may buy frequently, others less so. Some pay on time, others need a baseball bat!

Whatever differentiates your customers from each other is worth knowing as it helps you understand your target profile – or profiles.

Each type of customer will have different needs. A prospect who may fall into your high spending, high margin segment will need a different sales and marketing approach than your casual user.

Trust me. I’m not a doctor, but this DOES work!

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