Manufacturing marketing process

The Marketing Team works on marketing processes for a manufacturing business – regional when we took it on 2 years ago, now covering the whole of England and Wales. We help them with several aspects of developing the business:

  • Re-engineering sales and marketing processes. As part of standard order flows, changes are neededĀ to improve conversion rates. This continues to improve levels of repeat business
  • Developing and maintaining sales and marketing materials to support that process
  • Creating and managing the company’s websites and digital presence to integrate with that process

Making sure a business is strong on Marketing process is vital to making the most of every business opportunity.

From the initial enquiry, through to after sales service, marketing process can make the difference between sustainable profit and breaking even – or worse.

For example, when an enquiry comes in by email from a website, it can sit for any length of time before it is opened. Why not use a dedicated email address and set up an auto-responder to confirm receipt and tell the prospect when they can expect to hear from you? Simple but effective.

If you’d like to talk to someone about how to make sure your marketing process is optimising the effect of every action taken in your business, call Eppie on 01832 226421 for a free, no-obligation chat.