Is your marketing plan still alive?

marketing planIs your marketing plan still alive? Or is it languishing on a shelf or even on your hard drive?

This might sound slightly odd, but one of the biggest issues we find when reviewing companies’ marketing plans is that they spend lots of time putting it together, then run out of energy or inclination and do nothing with it.

So. Is your marketing plan still alive?

There are several reasons why it might be on its last legs:

  • If it’s out of date, even slightly, the inclination is often to ignore it – and nothing gets done.
  • If it’s too complex, chances are it looks overwhelming, and it gets ignored for lack of time and expertise.
  • If the person who wrote it has left, chances are, no one even knows where the marketing plan is!

A marketing strategy and plan should always be realistic and achievable. Mostly it’s OK to put it on just a couple of sheets of A4. A real, live-and-kicking plan is one that you refer to at least every week. We can help – find out more here, or just call Eppie on 01832 226421.