Marketing Basics

Marketing isn’t all about the pretty bits – the website, your brochure and your business cards.

Marketing Basics

Creating these marketing materials – while critically important – should be the very last stage in your marketing planning process, the output of a series of activities designed to ensure you are approaching the right sector(s) of your market(s) with the right messages in the right media.

And because every business changes and develops over time, we believe its worth going back to the marketing basics on a regular basis. How regular is up to you, but we recommend a review every twelve months at least – we’ve never come across a company that didn’t change at all in a year, and if your business has changed, you need to make sure your marketing has kept up with those changes. And that’s quite apart from changes in your external environment – competition, economic etc – which should also be explored as a part of your annual review.

So whether you are doing your review in house or externally, using a consultancy like The Marketing Team, here are some of the things you need to check to make sure you’re marketing as efficiently as possible:

  • Where¬†has your revenue come from over the last 12 months? This will tell you which bits of your current marketing programme are working and which you can stop spending money on
  • What changes have their been in your economic and competitive environment – have there been any changes you could benefit from responding to?
  • How have your different products and services been performing this year in terms of sales, repeat sales and margins? Do you need to make any tweaks or changes?
  • How have your resources changed over the year? Do you have the right people in the right places doing the right things?

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