In house vs Outsourced Marketing

As your business starts to grow, it can be tricky to decide how to handle your marketing – hence the great debate on in house vs Outsourced Marketing

You might expect us to come down on the side of theĀ outsourced marketing department, and while we will agree with you in some cases, it’s not always a clear cut argument.

You might find some of these scenarios useful if you’re having the same discussion in your business:

In favour of Outsourced vs In house marketing

  • If you’ve never employed a marketing person before, it can be helpful to get an outside perspective on the best marketing action plan for your business before you commit to a new employee who will have left another job to come to you.
  • If your budgets are tight, it can be a false economy to employ someone – marketing agencies are not always as expensive as you might think, particularly outside London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leamington Spa (we’re not sure why, but Leamington seems to be a hotbed of super-pricey marketing agencies!)
  • Certainly a first or second jobber with some marketing experience may not have the depth of knowledge or expertise you could get from a regional or local marketing agency for less money overall
  • Marketing agencies don’t need an auto-enrolment package!

In favour of In house vs Outsourced Marketing

  • Where your business is well established, you can always benefit from bringing in full or part time employees with the right experience (we can help you interview though!)
  • Where your business is highly technical

Ok, it’s coming down in favour of outsourcing!

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