Great website management

I have lost count of companies I’ve spoken to who are under the impression that just having a website is enough – not realising that great website management can make a massive difference.

It might help to think of a website in the same way as you think about your company brochure or leaflets.

You wouldn’t invest in getting them designed and print, then just leave them on a shelf in a dark cupboard.

And it’s the same with a website. Just having one a) doesn’t guarantee you will get traffic or b) that that traffic will be easy to convert into a customer.

There are a number of aspects to great website management, here are the top two:

  • Making sure your base content, including staff profiles, pricing and product descriptions, is kept up to date.
  • Adding new content as often as you can. Weekly is optimum really – the search engines like to be able to see that the business is live and active.

So of course, you will need to be able to manage your own content, or to have someone available to manage it for you. If you’d like to discuss how The Marketing Team can help you with this, just call us on 01832 226421.