Fundamental Marketing Objectives

Last week I joined a brainstorm on fundraising with a group of people who had volunteered their time to help a very special charity. And as so often, it struck me that without defining the organisation’s fundamental marketing objectives, really we were just guessing in the dark.

Fundamental Marketing Objectives

However well meaning, marketing activities can be a waste of time and money if they are not aligned with your overall business strategy. An advert here, an eshot there, maybe a bit of networking. Great. But if the advert doesn’t reach your target audience, the eshot is a standard general newsletter and the networking doesn’t give you the chance to talk to the right people about your business, then it’s all a waste of time.

So that’s a very negative start to a blog. But there is an upside. Defining fundamental marketing objectives doesn’t mean you have to research and write a 70 page document. In its simplest terms, you can define them by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the most important product or service you need to sell to add profitable growth to your business?
  • Who is likely to buy it?
  • Where am I likely to be able to find these people?

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