Email Protocols

We don’t often think about email protocols until something goes wrong, or until we receive a particularly badly handled piece of email. But a little bit of thought, and a touch of staff training can help you make sure your business is using email effectively without upsetting people.

Email Protocols

The CC Trap: One of the most common issues we all see is where people send an email to a bunch of people who don’t know each other, adding everyone’s names to the ‘cc’ box. In doing this, as a business, you are sharing data without permission, and those concerned have a legitimate right to be very angry with you. If you must use Outlook or your standard email software to send group emails, make sure you put all email addresses in the ‘bcc’ box. Bcc stands for blind copy, and the effect is to hide everyone’s email addresses from each other. The only exception here is closed groups where everyone has easy access to each others’ email addresses, like a department, peer group, or networking group.

Blacklisting Risk: You really shouldn’t be using standard email systems to send large mailings, like customer mailings, in the first place. A very good reason NOT to, is that you are likely to get noted as spending spam, and many ISP’s will then mark every single email sent from your domain as spam. This can be very damaging.

Email Platforms: There are other ways to send bulk email, and plenty of providers who will offer you a free or low cost platform you can use to send emails without the risks highlighted above. They require certain assurances from you on where you got the email addresses you use, but will actually provide loads of free advice, as well as offering a safe unsubscribe function to your audience, and full reporting to you. The most commonly used is Mailchimp.

Physical email protocols are all very well, but you may also want to think about whether email is the right method for marketing your business. There are many indicators that tell us it’s getting tricky to get results – and that it can even be damaging your business and your brand.

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