Email Marketing Myths

Email marketing myths to beware of

A much more efficient method of delivery. Or is it?

If I had a pound for every time someone had proudly told me that over 40% of their customers regularly open their newsletters, I’d be considerably richer!

What few people consider is what’s happening in the psyche of the 50% – 60% of their treasured clients who aren’t opening their email newsletter.

Few will unsubscribe, certainly not if they’re not even opening it.

Some will leave it in their inbox on a busy day, saving it for later with the best of intentions of reading it before the end of the day. But 5.30 arrives, there hasn’t been time, and your carefully crafted email will be consigned to the deleted items box. Life was just too short. A mental cross though, remains against your name. Your the one, they justify to themselves, who’s news wasn’t quite important enough to make the grade, so it was ok to delete it. Not good.

But worse is the rest. More and more of us are becoming pretty ruthless about incoming email. If it’s not critical, or at the least operational, your email will be marked as junk – and your email address with it.

So how do you keep in touch with clients? There are plenty of other ways that work, which can engage people, make them smile, feel a bit happier for having your business in their lives. Understanding email marketing myths will help you make better marketing choices.

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