The Email Marketing Myth

The email marketing myth is overdue for exposure. Email marketing captured the popular imagination way back when Mailchimp and others hit the market with their game-changing email marketing platforms fifteen years ago.

Can it only be 15 years? It seems like some pushy emails have been filling my inbox forever!

So, back in 2001, all of a sudden any business, even a one man band, had access to an amazing platform that allowed them to send pretty emails and track exactly who was opening them, how often, and which links they were clicking on. As things developed, this action can now be tracked through social media or via ecommerce systems so you can see exactly how much each email has earns you.

And yet there’s a but.

Actually quite a few buts. And these are now big enough to warrant people like me recommending extreme caution with email marketing.

It really is time to explode the email marketing myth.

Yes it’s cheap. Agreed. But if you actually track the return on investment, you may well find it starts to get much more expensive than print in terms of £ spent vs £ earned.

We’ve changed how we use email. In a b2b context, email is now an unpleasant task that has to be attended to before we can get to the parts of our jobs we enjoy. Before we take a break, or go home. And in the b2c world, people are getting very protective of their inboxes.

The only email marketing that works now is that with direct links to purchase opportunities from known companies.

Apart from that, you make be doing more harm than good. Every time someone chooses not to open an email from you, your brand dies a little. And when they mark your email as junk, then even if they’re a great long established client, you have damaged your reputation a little more.

People hand over email addresses either by accident (usually not ticking an opt out box) or in good faith. But we all know what happens when someone over does it, harassing you with daily sales emails as soon as you have bought one item. We unsubscribe or mark as junk. Usually with annoyance.

So before you invest in email marketing, talk to someone who can help you make the best choices for your business, choices that will help you make friends and make sales. You can call us on 01832 226421 for a free initial discussion.