Don’t Get Caught by Advertising Myths

Most SMEs have been caught by advertising myths at some point.

From the ‘last minute special offer’ that you later realise has swallowed half your budget for little or not return, to the yellow pages adverts you’ve left to run for years, without realising that you’re unlikely to get a return.

Advertising and marketing are often considered interchangeable terms.

Don’t Get Caught by Advertising Myths

But beware advertising. It can work amazingly well, but there are several advertising myths that can prove expensive:

Yellow pages rarely work for any kind of business these days. And it’s stuck in a vicious cycle, as the books get smaller, more people turn to google, and so the cycle continues. The best thing you can do is monitor where your leads are coming from, and when you find none of them are from this source, cancel the ad (that goes for the online version too).

Last minute spaces are rarely as cheap or as effective as you would like. There’s artwork costs for one thing. And have you considered whether the target audience is your target audience? You could be wasting half your months marketing budget on an ad none of your prospects will see. Now that really is a waste!

Only consider advertising in a magazine where editorial coverage is independent of advertising. You know the magazines that are full of gentle puff PR pieces. Think about it, they may be glossy but do you actually read them? And if you’re not reading them, you’re not looking at the ads either!

Like every other kind of marketing, you need to be where your target market is. Sometimes advertising can be cost effective, but more often than not, you’d be better off using another method.

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