Direct Marketing

It’s a fact that the more targeted your marketing, the better the response you will get.

Targeted list rental is one of the best ways to achieve this – the original direct marketing! And the more specific your audience, the better. Take this example:

An MOT station and garage wanted to grow his business. The business owner wanted to make more people aware of his business but was just looking at continuing to advertise in the local paper. We persuaded him he could be more effective by using direct marketing instead, and we set about identifying the people he wanted to get to using our data rental systems.

So we worked with him to narrow down his targeting:

  • Car owners within 10 miles of garage

8681 – too expensive to target all these

  • Exclude non-German brands

1179 – but are they all really likely to use us?

  • Exclude cars less then 3 years old

691 – ex warranty, not tied to dealerships

  • Exclude owners with poor credit

482 – who will be able to pay our bill

We ended up with a very highly targeted list, and over an initial 12 month period, we acquired 18% of these targets as customers – a far higher response rate than he’d achieved through advertising, and at a lower cost.

If you would like some help with targeting your marketing more accurately, just call us on 01832 226421.