Digital and Online Marketing


The advent of digital and online marketing as a truly integrated element of a marketing strategy provides many opportunities for more highly targeted marketing than ever before.


In conjunction with offline marketing programming, digital activities are a must have for the vast majority of businesses

Offline Marketing Activities


Your website is much more than a window on your business. It is an extremely powerful, living, breathing tool that you should always be in control of.


A website can serve many purposes, from adding credibility to selling your products and providing pre- and post-sales information and technical support.



Effective blogging should be targeted directly at search engines, creating a series of doors between search engines and your business, designed to attract people into your website.


And of course, once they’re on your site, they’re yours to convert into customers  and partners.



As the way we all use email has changed over the last couple of years, we advise approaching it as a marketing tool with extreme caution.


It can still work, but it can also create negative associations between your brand and even the most loyal of customers where it is used without due care and attention!



The emergence of social media as a marketing tool has been revolutionary.


For best results, it should be integrated with your marketing strategy as a whole.


Crucially it will be driven by the same core messages you use across your sales & marketing mix.

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