Business Christmas Cards – To Send Or Not To Send

Business Christmas Cards – To Send Or Not To Send

We are often asked at this time of year whether it is worth sending business Christmas cards or not. Whether they should be branded or not. Who should sign them … the list goes on.

The answer we give varies depending on your business and the way you typically communicate with your customers. And how much time you have – many people cite not enough time to get everyone to sign them.

For example, ask yourself:

Do you know all your main contacts personally? In which case a personal card from you is fine – though better with some branding. Sign them personally.

Do you have a team of customer facing staff? In which case definitely branded. Have you thought about digitising your team’s signatures? That way your card producer can print them pre-signed, which will save you a bundle of time!

Do you have the resources to address the cards and send them? If resource is tight, why not pass your cards to a mailing house who will take your database, merge labels and stuff cards so all you have to do is choose the picture on the front!

We use Blue Star Print Solutions, who can take care of all of this from start to finish. So if you’re just making up your mind, you’re not too late!