Accessible Websites

Accessible businesses, accessible websites.

Remember all the fuss when the Disability Discrimination act came into force a few years ago? Businesses, shops and pubs, all had to look at how to make their premises accessible to disabled consumers. Recently I’ve had pause for thought on this one, as my father is recently disabled and wheelchair bound. There are very few places we can access as a result – despite the law. Excuses in place, ready. “We’re a listed building, so we’re exempt”, “It’s not very practical” among several I have heard.

But should a legal exemption stop you wanting to try?

Websites are little different. Accessible websites are relatively easy to achieve, and can make a massive difference to how accessible an organisation is to people with disabilities.

  • Visual impairment should be no bar to accessing information online. In fact there are a raft of technologies out there, including screen readers, to help people use the web. Even small details, like the ability to set text size to large, and getting a good contrast between words and background colours can help.
  • Physical difficulties can also make it tough to get around some websites – but did you know your site can be built so users can navigate using the tab key if they are not able to use a mouse?

We run many full accessible websites; if you want to make sure your next website is fully accessible, just give us a call on 01832 226421. Why not join customers who’s customers say things like:”just about theĀ most accessible web site I’ve ever seen – I could easily reach every aspect of it and read it quickly and straightforwardly”.